Engineering and Design offers design and engineering services for over 40 years with it’s experienced engineer team and employees. Our well experienced engineers are working continuously to improve processes, products and tailor made solution and services in various industrial sectors aswell as metallurgical and steel industries. Our comprehensive service knowledge is giving us understand the client’s needs in advance; Thus, we contribute to their market trends with new solutions such as energy and cost reduction, process improvement, efficiency and emission reduction. has the knowledge, experience and technology to offer the most appropriate solutions of engineering and design in many sectors such as iron & steel, mining, metallurgy. 

We offer the latest software with our professional team for customer satisfaction implements all project engineering from conceptual and detailed design to civil and commissioning engineering.                                                                            

1- Layout studies
2- Civil engineering and structures
3- Mechanical engineering
4- Piping engineering
5- Process engineering
6- 3D Scanning of engineering
7- 3D Designing of the equipment and installation

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