Germetsan.de, is a family owned company, has been serving in both metallurgical and steel industry by producing all kind of rolling mill & meltshop equipments in domestic and international since 1970.

Germetsan.de has expanded it’s machine capacity and workshop area to 5000m2 close area in 1990 by creating advanced Technologies and solutions to turn-key Rolling mills & meltshops. In this sense, germetsan.de has produced many turnkey solutions for large iron producers in the industry.

Germetsan.de has created a supply chain with the world's leading suppliers by investing in technological machinery to become a leader in it’s sector, to achieve innovations in the world through know-how transfer, thereby creating an international purchasing power and outperforming it’s competitors.

Germetsan.de has increased it’s production capacity extensively and increased its production area to 25.000 m2 in 2005 with the technological and strategic investments it has made in R&D.

Germetsan.de incorporated with German technologies and production in 2008 by merging  with PRD Gmbh who is  a project and innovation company that operating in the metalargy and steel industry sector and finilized many turn key Project around the World.

GERMETSAN.de, with many successful projects completed on the international platform, it has made it’s mark not only in the iron and steel industry, but also in many other sectors such as cement, mining and energy.

Germetsan.de has been a solution partner of its customers as an EPC contractor in the  sector and has continued to serve them.
In addition to the 30,000 m2 production facility in Turkey, Germetsan.de continues it’s activities with expert personnel in customer communications and technical support offices located in GERMANY, ENGLAND and USA.

To lead quality into a way of life with our expertise and effectiveness.

Bringing together the knowledge and experience And enjoy the pleasure of producing quality and customer satisfaction.

Providing ideas and solutions for our customers needs.

1- Customer-oriented
2- Working towards what is good and right for the customer
3- Friendliness
4- Consistency
5- Creating value
6- Efficiency and Productivity
7- Honesty and Reliability
8- Respect for people and the environment
9- Achieving together
10- Team spirit
11- Sincerity and openness
12- Creativity
13- Continuous improvement