Electric Arc Furnace

Electric arc furnaces have been developed as units that respond quickly to steel production starting from 100% steel scrap or solid raw materials (acid or basic primed).

It has gained importance due to the issues such as ease and quickness in high temperature supply, ease of operation, flexibility of operation, cleaning of the furnace atmosphere.

Electric arc furnaces are preferred due to the production of alloyed, special and high quality steel.

The conventional electric arc furnace used in steel production generraly consists of two parts, circular cross section body that alternating current direct arc with 3 electrodes  and cover.

The electrodes move into the body with the help of suitable construction on the cover. Normal volts between the electrodes and the metal in the chamber. High temperatures are obtained thanks to the high powers caused by high current.

This temperature can rise up to 32000C in the arc region.

Thanks to suitable electricity and electrodes, very high temperature is obtained quickly and it enables steel production with 100% solid charge.

This method determines the superior feature of electric arc furnaces compared to other steel production methods.

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