Electric Arc Furnace Line

Electric arc furnaces serve to melt steel scrap for steel production. Electrical energy is used to melt the steel scrap. An electric arc is formed between the charged material and the electrodes. The heat generated by this arc melts the scrap. An electric arc furnace consists of three parts (lower vessel, upper vessel and roof) and can be tilted hydraulically. Lower vessel, upper vessel and roof are refractory-lined on the inside. The external sides of the vessels and the roof generally consist of a water-cooled steel construction.

A furnace transformer is located adjacent to the electric arc furnace. This special power transformer is usually oil-cooled and installed in a separate vault to protect it from heat. The system is completed by a hydraulic power unit for the electrode movement and the roof hoisting unit, a cooling water system, a compressed air system, a suction system for process gases and a ladle car.

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